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to Lawrenceville and Bloomfield

5 star luxury for our 4 legged friends.

What started years ago as a search for quality dog daycare in Pittsburgh turned into the creation of what will be an extraordinary place,
The Velvet Paw. Pups will have just as much fun on vacay as the pup parents. We are committed to a healthy, safe and fun luxury experience.
From room service to fitness to a spa, The Velvet Paw will have it all.
Pup parents can put their minds at ease with pup cams to peek at their pooch any time of day.

The Velvet Paw will offer VIP Suites with raised beds, a Personal Pup Concierge, and if you like a nightly belly rub & personalized bedtime story. All dogs can workout their energy at the indoor fitness centers or the private outdoor play yard.

We can't wait to welcome each and every one of our furry guests.

It'll be PAWsitively PAWsome!
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